STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF FLORENCE Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc., Condemnor, v Rosa L. Hyman or the devisees or heirs of law of Rosa L. Hyman, Landowners, and The known or unknown devisees or heirs of law of Rosa L. Hyman, which may include Jumeda H. Brown a/k/a Jumedia H. Brown, George A. Hyman a/k/a George Allen Hyman, John G. Hyman a/k/a John Grady Hyman, Kenneth Lora Brown a/k/a Kenneth Lorn Brown a/k/a Kenneth Lord Brown a/k/a Kenneth L. Brown, Beverly Clementene Brown a/k/a Beverly C. Brown, Glenn Hyman, Mitchell Hyman, Rose A. McRae, Roy L. Hyman, John G. Hyman a/k/a John Grady Hyman, and/or the known or unknown devisees or heirs of law of any of those individuals above named; and all other persons known or unknown claiming any right, title, estate interest or lien upon the real estate described in the complaint herein, and unknown entities or adults being as a class designated as John Doe; and any known or unknown infants or persons under disability or persons in military service designated as a class as Richard Roe, The Unknown Claimants and Other Condemnees. TRACT #58 TO LANDOWNERS, UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS AND OTHER CONDEMNEES NAMED ABOVE pursuant to S.C. Eminent Domain Procedures Act, SC Code Ann. ยง28-2-10, et seq.: SUMMONS: you are hereby summoned, advised and notified the Notice of Filing, Lis Pendens, and Condemnation Notice have been filed with the Florence Cty Clerk of Court. This suit is to enable Condemnor to acquire interests in certain real property for public purposes, stated more fully in the Condemnation Notice. Responsive pleadings not required. NOTICE OF FILING: you are hereby notified Condemnor filed the Condemnation Notice and tendered payment to Florence Cty Clerk of Court and will proceed to take possession of the interests in the property described in the Condemnation Notice. LIS PENDENS: notice hereby given that Condemnor brought an action to acquire interests in real property: Being that parcel described in that certain Title to Real Estate recorded 2.14.1963 in Florence Cty, SC official records in Bk A-3, Pg 86, and located on S. Old River Road, Pamplico, Florence Cty, SC, containing approx. 3.80 acres, with TMS #00413-02-020. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN AD LITEM NISI: Harry Allen, Esq, of Battle & Allen, P.A., 209 Dozier Street, Marion, SC 29571 (Phome: 843-423-3003) has been appointed as Guardian ad Litem Nisi, for all persons collectively designated as John Doe and Richard Roe, Unknown Claimants and Other Condemnees, all named as Condemnees, names and addresses unknown, including any who are minors, under legal disability, or in military, whether residents or non-residents of S.C. ATTORNEYS FOR CONDEMNOR: Jessica Crowson, of Rogers, Lewis, Jackson, Mann & Quinn, LLC, PO Box 11803, Columbia, SC 29211 (Phone: 803-978-2837) (April 28, May 5 & 12, 2021)


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