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HEALTHY AGING Starts with HEALTHY HEARING Research shows that when left unaddressed, hearing loss is associated with other physical, mental and emotional health issues that diminish quality of life. Withdrawal from social situations, a lessened ability to cope, and reduced overall psychological health are just some of the conditions associated with hearing loss. Often, people with hearing loss feel angry, frustrated, anxious, isolated, and depressed. The intensive listening effort caused by untreated hearing loss can be stressful. Experts believe that even if you have a mild hearing loss that is not being treated, cognitive load increases significantly. PLEASE VOTE FOR US FOR BEST OF THE PEE DEE! Visit and vote for Dennis Burrows as Best Audiologist and Kristin White as Best Speech Therapist under the Person of the Year category. 153 E. NB Baroody St. Florence, SC 29506 Voting is open May 23 - June 13 you can vote once per day during that time. Are you worried that people will notice if you wear a hearing aid? Over the last 15 years, hearing instruments have been transformed from large, visible sound amplifiers to miniature high performance solutions. Today, it is often impossible to see that someone is even wearing a hearing device. People focus on faces and eyes, not ears, and today people of all ages are proud to wear hearing aids, the shame and stigma are gone. Call us today at 843-662-7802