DARLINGTON, S.C. — Dr. RV is having a grand opening on Saturday in Darlington at 1033 Pearl St. There will be free food, prizes and giveaways.

Owners Sandra and Michael Thompson opened on Feb. 1.

“Right before the world went crazy,” said Sandra Thompson, president of Dr. RV.

The couple moved to Darlington in December from New York.

“We were in the RV business in New York as Dr. RV for 15 years,” she said.

Thompson said they left amid protest from their customers in New York to stay.

“We want people to come see us,” Thompson said. “My husband has a wealth of knowledge with anything to do with RVs. We do mobile repairs, will come to you, fix your RV and get you back out on the road.”

Dr. RV sells parts and accessories from toilet paper to electrical needs and everything in between, Thompson said. It doesn’t sell RVs.

“We have always had enough to do fixing them,” she said.

Thompson said this year has been a challenge, but she said people are starting to get out, traveling in their RVS instead of staying in hotels as COVID-19 continues. She said RV reservations are up about a thousand percent.

Thompson said she and her husband have been camping since they were children.

After visiting a sister in Charleston, the couple started looking for a place for their RV near the Darlington race track but instead found a house in Darlington to purchase and remodel.

Thompson, who is from originally from New Jersey, said Darlington is now like where her husband lived in New York 40 years ago. She said he says it is like coming home.

“We love Darlington; we love the area and are very happy we moved here. We plan to be here forever,” Thompson said.

Dr. RV is a member of the Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce.

The store is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information, call 843-944-5043 or visit the store on Facebook.

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