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Weekly Observations: Getting the all hallows eve costume figured out

Weekly Observations: Getting the all hallows eve costume figured out

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Let’s not talk about the weather or the flood or the hardworking linemen who are necessary to our powered-up lifestyles or water, or lack of it, or electricity. Let’s say last week’s storm damage is corrected and life is good.

For those who were not affected, or are recovered and who have moved on, this will be easy enough. For those who remain affected, are still recovering and will be for a longer time, let’s play pretend. Just for this moment, let’s talk about Halloween costumes.

There are just 11 days before you have to have that perfect get-up put together.

According to one website I read during my storm diversion therapy, when I researched what are popular costumes for Halloween 2016, super hero costumes remain No.1. Dust off those Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman costumes and you’re good to go. Problem is, that’s the No. 1 choice, so maybe a lot of other folks will be doing the same.

Star Wars and Star Trek characters remain high on the list of “what-to-be,” and I’ll go out on a limb here and say clowns are NOT on the list of things to be in South Carolina this year unless you want to be mean-mugged or worse.

Another website said it’s about memorable moments, that the best Halloween costumes are inspired by events such as the summer Olympics and our presidential election, so, as scary as it may sound, you’ll likely encounter an extra Trump or Clinton while out trick or treating.

Of course with the hype from Pokemon Go, it’s likely there will be a few characters from that could be found lurking around the corners.

Finally, Stranger Things , released on Netflix this year, has a cult following, so those characters could make their way into the adult world of dressing up as something you’re really not for the annual All Hallows’ Eve celebration.

BTW: has a concise telling of how Halloween came to be what it is in America, if you’re interested in reading. Yes, reading it was more of “what do I research now to keep my mind off the hurricane, its flood, their Allepo and my lack of electricity.

A second BTW: Lesson one learned during the weeks after Matthew: You cannot have too many battery backup systems.

So, if dressing up for Halloween is your thing, and you’re still in a quandary of what to become, there are always the classics: Frankenstein with bolts through the neck; Raggedy Ann and Andy; witch; warlock and zombie.

Also, especially for children: ladybug, fairy or butterfly; firefighter, police officer, pirate; any Disney or Oz character of your choosing; doctor, nurse or fighter pilot.

My personal favorite, though, is the sheet covered child or adult playing Casper the Friendly Ghost. Happy hunting for your perfect Halloween costume.

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