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    Domineering Republican men in the legislature who are making decisions about women’s bodies must be just plain arrogant. If they harbor any notion they are helping poor and young women in South Carolina by curbing abortions, they’re smoking the weed that the state Senate has been talking about this week.

      It’s the fruit of an annual trailing vine, native to Mexico and Central America, and you already know what it is. They are commonly seen, intact (or carved) from Halloween to Thanksgiving ... usually fated to end up on the side of the street to be picked up, ultimately residing in a dump som…

        The new year is a time for goal setting, and losing weight is one of the typical post-holiday goals, especially after holiday eating. Diet culture is ablaze this time of year with ads and talk about quick weight-loss schemes.

          Americans produce 25% more waste during the holidays — weighing in at 25 million tons! The mounds of trash vary from food waste to packaging, from clothing to last year’s “must-have” toys. In Florence and Darlington, litter is one of our main pollutants of concern. Aside from looking bad on roadsides and affecting real estate values, it can reach our water sources, pollute our drinking water, damage wildlife habitat, and clog storm drains.

          For the most part, the summer has been a bit standoffish as the mercury has yet to maintain a plateau above 90 F. Now entering the month of June, we have the promise of warmer weather, summer vacations and of course the celebration of Father’s Day. Although Mother’s Day is quite a bit more m…

          We usually think of spring as gardening season, but there are plenty of ways for gardeners to make the most of their outdoor space in summer too. These heat-tolerant plants will soak up the sun’s rays ad flourish even in scorching summer temperatures.

          An important economic indicator, the country’s rental vacancy rate—or the measure of rental homes that are vacant in a given area—signals the balance between supply and demand for rental homes. When the rate is relatively high, it indicates an abundance of available rental properties, which …


          Pope Francis has spent a good first night in the hospital following a three-hour operation to remove intestinal scar tissue and repair a hernia in his abdominal wall. Doctors say Wednesday’s operation was successful and there were no complications or other pathologies discovered. Francis was even joking with his surgeon. The pontiff is expected to remain in the 10th floor papal suite at the Gemelli hospital for several days, and all papal audiences were canceled through June 18. The Vatican is expected to provide a medical update later Thursday. Experts who didn't participate in the surgery said the key issues going forward will be pain management and ensuring the wound heals.

          Summer can bring scorching temperatures that leave responsible dog owners wondering when it’s too hot to take their pup on a walk. Dogs tend to overheat more quickly than humans, so paying careful attention to the temperature and your dog’s body language is essential.

          When walking your dog in the summer, it’s important to keep the warning signs of overheating in mind, especially with dog breeds that have short noses or thick coats. If you follow a few simple safety tips, your dog can enjoy the long summer days and all the extra evening walks that come with the season.

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