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Childhood Hunger Rally Week: ‘Friday Bags’ let students know ‘that someone cares’
Childhood Hunger Rally Week

Childhood Hunger Rally Week: ‘Friday Bags’ let students know ‘that someone cares’

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COWARD, S.C. – On any given Friday, J.C. Lynch Elementary School passes out approximately 86 Help 4 Kids Florence bags – or as we call them, the Friday Bags – to our students.

“Our kids are always excited to receive their bags on Friday afternoons,” one of our teachers said. “It lets them know that someone cares about them.”

For many of the students that receive them, these bags ensure that they will have meals and snacks over the weekend.

I had the privilege of talking to some of our students about their Friday Bags. Surprisingly, I came to realize that the bags were not just enjoyed by them. The students explained that they often shared their bags.

One student smiled and said that he shared his bag with his little sister because, as he exclaimed, “I want to share what I have with her. It makes her smile!”

Another student proudly explained that he shares his Vienna sausages with his dad. He went on to say, “I love it when he puts them in the microwave, and then we have hot sausages together.”

Interestingly, students said their bags have a special place in their homes. For some it’s a spot in the kitchen pantry closet or a special cabinet shelf.

One of the students said he keeps his bag in his closet or sometimes under his bed. I asked why.

“Well,” he said, “sometimes my little brother will eat all my noodles, or my sister will eat my Pop Tart!”

He laughed and continued.

“I think it’s funny,” he said, “and I share with them anyway.”

Our school and district are truly grateful to the Help 4 Kids organization for being able to provide our students with these bags. These bags not only nourish the students; they also provide the students with opportunities to provide for others close to them.

Matt Scandrol is the principal at J.C. Lynch Elementary School in Coward.

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