FLORENCE, S.C. — Representatives of the Ken's Corner Foundation Saturday gathered at the business' Pamplico Highway store for a giveaway event to support the community.

"The Ken's Corner Foundation is a registered nonprofit foundation that works to give back unused clothing and various items such as masks, hand sanitizers, ear guard for masks," said Anjali Joshi, executive director of events.

Joshi, a high school student from Atlanta, and other volunteers hustled ahead of the 10:30 a.m. start to arrange clothing and other items on tables in front of the store, a donations box placed front and center.

For customers not in need Joshi encouraged them to take something, make a donation and give that something to someone who was in need.

A high school senior, she spent summers in Florence and said the idea for the foundation came as a result of a school project that just grew.

Ken Patel, owner of 20 convenience stores scattered throughout the Pee Dee, described her as "motivational" and said he too wanted to help the community.

Among the pairs of socks, shirts, and underwear were 200 bottles of hand sanitizer, 100 masks and 100 ear guards — designed to hold elastic bands from masks off ears and instead behind the head — that had been 3-D printed and donated.

The guards, she said, were hard to find so printing them was a big help.

Petel said several of his wholesalers also stepped up to contribute to the event.

"This is a really good thing that we can give back to the community," Patel said.

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