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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If Black lives really matter

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If Black lives really matter


Citizen Columnist Michael Goings wrote a superb column entitled “Do Black lives matter to all Blacks?” in which he stated, “The Black lives that are snuffed out unjustifiably by certain cops are meager in comparison to those who are lost to Black-on-Black homicide.” He anticipated some backlash. That would be guaranteed if he was white. Kudos to him for his courage and honesty.

Is there a solution to the horrendous number of Blacks, including children, being killed by Blacks? More Blacks will be killed by Blacks this year in the the city of Chicago than will be killed by bad cops throughout the entire nation. Multiply that by St. Louis, Baltimore. Los Angeles, New York and other major cities and it leaves a horrifying number of Blacks killing Blacks.

The problem has spread throughout the country, even down to our small communities. I suggest looking to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. It is miraculous how quickly BLM can amass tremendous numbers of activists and have them in almost every city within a matter of hours. They are relentless when given a cause, and they are virtually immune from prosecution by politicians and DAs. They are already armed and capable of major accomplishments, and well financed.

So far, BLM is unfortunately remembered by many people for protests that are accompanied by destruction, looting and acts of violence. Not one single Black life has been saved by any of those. BLM can and should take on the urgent action of saving Black lives as only they can. BLM doing something about Blacks killing Blacks is the solution. It’s proven that cops, rhetoric, politicians and community gatherings have done little to nothing to stop these killings. Stop the heartbreaking sorrow that haunts everybody looking for a safe ordinary life for themselves and their children.

The Ford Foundation, headed by a Black man, just donated $100 million to BLM. That, coupled with untold millions already in hand, gives BLM the financial backing it needs to accomplish the task. The obvious miracle needed is for them to organize and embark on the mission of going into the cities and putting a stop to Black-on-Black crime. They can do it! That legacy is much more befitting than what they have been doing. This would also answer those questioning where money goes that is flooding into their kitty.

Enough time and lives have been wasted. I urge Black leaders to get with BLM leadership and do the work NOW if Black lives really matter..



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