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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democratic socialism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democratic socialism

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Democratic socialism promises Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, free college tuition and abolition of the federal department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

To some people, that sounds like a humane social order; to others, it sounds like a pipedream we will never be able to afford. If the present administration survives and prospers, we will be OK.

If an administration follows the route of democratic socialism, my belief is it will fail, as have all socialist systems in the past. If enough people believe the United States can succeed where all others have failed, then God help us.

The third possibility – that we will wind up with a stalemate – would, in my estimation, be the worst possible eventuality, because then we will never give either political direction the opportunity to succeed or fail and leave no time for a correction.



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