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    Almost 50 years ago, a Republican Supreme Court approved the "right" to chose in the Roe vs. Wade case; while, today, a Republican Supreme Court has taken the "right" away. This is a clear case of men giveth, and men and woman taketh away.

      On June 24, 2022, as transcribed by the White House (WH.GOV), President Joe Biden made the following televised remarks regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade:  “So extreme that women and girls who are forced to bear their rapist’s child — of the child of consequence……

        It's odd that there has never been a woman's version of the Garden of Eden. It's is a wow moment learning that guns do not kill, and finding it difficult to identify the root of the problem in the Garden.

        Inflation is the highest in (40) years. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates tomorrow (6/15/22) a half point to three-quarters. Energy, gas and groceries are the highest ever. The Dow Jones was down 880 points Monday. It is down another 200 to 300 points on Tuesday.


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