In 1947 Peter Marshall, the U.S. Senate chaplain, summarized the challenge before America and the world’s democracies by saying: “The choice before us is plain: Christ or Chaos.” Then as now the world was under assault by violent communist and socialist revolutionaries bent on the destruction of all free democracies.

Today’s violent, radical Democratic Party is rewriting America’s history and attempting to destroy all our freedoms in order to establish a big government socialist welfare state. Donald Trump stopped Hillary Clinton from achieving that goal in 2016.

The Trump administration has done such an effective job of re-establishing American prosperity and promoting democracy here and around the world that the left has pulled out all their violent tricks to get back in power.

This is not just deplorable, as Hillary said of Trump supporters, but despicable behavior by an entire political party and their supporters. The choice this November is clear: Christ or Chaos. A vote for any Democrat in November is a vote for Chaos.



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