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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A return to civility

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A return to civility


A return to civility

A Southerner will lead the revival of civility in this country. How do I know? Because we’ve been dealing with friends and neighbors who held strange beliefs for hundreds of years. Because we’ve lived with family members who espoused unspeakable heresies on important issues. We have always come together in the end, because nothing is more important than family and friends.

Except maybe college football. Throw a dart at a map of the South, and wherever it lands, you’ll find folks who have lived with this kind of divisiveness their entire lives. Carolina/Clemson, Auburn/Alabama, Georgia/Georgia Tech. The list goes on. Every Southerner knows college football is vital to the mental stability of the nation. We hold our favorite university athletics departments in an awe and reverence that borders on religion. That’s why this past year went so far off the rails. When COVID-19 more or less eliminated the 2020 football season, we were left without an outlet for our vitriol. We took it out on each other.

This year, when college football returns to normal, we will return with it. And who will lead this return to normalcy? Not someone who’s in a dither over the gross national product. Not someone who’s panties are in a bunch over the state of affairs in the South China Sea. It will be a Southerner who has spent a week insulting his best friend/father/cousin’s favorite college football team, before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner next to his best friend/father/cousin knowing that nothing is more important than family and friends.

And a couple of months later, a university from the deep South will hoist a National Championship Trophy, and all will be right with the world.



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