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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are GOP leaders trying to eliminate their voters?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are GOP leaders trying to eliminate their voters?


It sure seems as if Republican leaders are trying to eliminate their voters. Most of the Republican governors and Congress people are taking anti-vaccination positions, discouraging and not assisting their constituency to get protected.

It is no secret that most of the states that have low vaccinations also are the states that have the highest and fastest rates of COVID-19 infections. And, most of those states have Republican governors/leaders. Simple math would disclose that less vaccinations mean more infections and more deaths.

Since many of those who do not get shots are followers of the GOP party, the effect would mean more COVID deaths and fewer voters for politicians of that party.

It would seem like the Republicans would want to protect their voters and encourage them to stay healthy and continue to give those politicians their support and aid, and their VOTES! The actions of these leaders seem to be working at cross purposes with their following.

Maybe someone else can explain this puzzle to me. I am at a loss to understand this.



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