Demands by the rioters are dividing America

The First Amendment grants the right of the people to peacefully assemble, which has recently occurred many times in cities. However, no citizen is granted the right to destroy property, monuments or physically harm individuals.

This lawless march of the morons shows that these rioters have minimal knowledge of history. Otherwise, why would they attack the statues of General Ulysses Grant and Francis Scott Key? Why advocate taking down the monument of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed the slaves? Why deface Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and other sites of worship?

Dozens of videos of brutal gang beatings of citizens have intentionally not been shown on mainstream media. And what do we hear from Democratic mayors and governors on enforcing the rule of law? Crickets.

How far will they cast this net? Eli Yale, the namesake of the third-oldest university in America, was a wealthy governor of the British East India Company, which was a world leader in the opium trade market and African/Indian slave trading. Do protesters change the name of Yale University to atone for Eli Yale’s past racist sins?

Dr. Carol Swain, a black professor who taught at Princeton and Vanderbilt, stated that Black Lives Matter is no longer a civil rights movement but a political activist organization focused on defeating Donald Trump. There are more civil ways to defeat Trump, and to accentuate these BLM criminal street actions is not the American way for creating change. Why would the U.S. Senate Democrats defeat the popular police reform bill by black U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina except for election political reasons?

To claim that African-Americans are denied opportunities is counter factual. The progressives conveniently forget to mention the long list of black successful business persons over the past four decades. Other names come to mind: Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder (1990-94), Bernard Shaw, Craig Melvin and Ron McNair.

An Air Force general recently became the first black chief of the Air Force. The West Point graduating class of 2019 included 34 black women and 110 total African-Americans. None of these accomplishments were possible 40 years ago.

This divisive rhetoric has fostered increased distrust among the races when improvements had been occurring over recent years. Politicians cannot legislate morality. Everyone has to find changes in their own hearts.

This week, citizens should pause and celebrate their freedoms. Happy birthday, America!



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