Again today, I was disappointed as I drove down Hoffmeyer Road and turned onto Ebenezer Road and saw that as the city/county mowed alongside the road, there was no effort beforehand to pick up debris and waste that had collected on the shoulder of the road. The resultant effect was each piece of debris on the roadside being multiplied a hundredfold, free to blow in the wind and now much harder to pick up.

I find this disrespectful on many levels: First, the environmental impact of the trash is multiplied as the smaller shreds of garbage are almost impossible to pick up and will surely be left where they are in their unbiodegradable state. Second, the message sent to guests or potential citizens of our city is one of disinterest and inattention. Finally, the example for our children is a lack of respect for nature and our environment, and they should be shown a better way to interact with their surroundings.

Ultimately, I am left dumbfounded, as there is an easy, viable solution to this dilemma. This solution is simply this: pick up the debris before mowing. To accomplish this, we could easily utilize the many students looking for summer jobs in the community (at $10/hour and 40 hours/week for 12 weeks would be $4,800/summer). Money well spent. If this option is too expensive for the city/county to keep our streets clean, then please call me the week before you intend to mow and I will gather a group of friends and invest a couple of hours picking up the trash before each scheduled mowing.



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