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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: End of a dream

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: End of a dream


We should have known the Miracle of 2016 was all a dream! The Democrats hated the idea of draining the swamp, and the GOP wanted one of the two governors they "could get along with." The programmed media couldn't stand his brash, take-charge style.

But even with the over-financed socialist campaign (though with some email baggage and some FBI cover, and some outright complacency), the "basket of deplorables" shocked the Ruling Party and brought on hateful anger from the vast cadre of pundits who had predicted a landslide victory for their chosen one!

And for almost three years the nation experienced the work of the most effective executive governance the nation has seen in 40 years. The wounded economy was coming back, respect for law enforcement, religious freedom and patriotism were back in style.

Still, it was just a dream! Angry legislators instituted an endless smear campaign against the duly elected president, and much undocumented money poured into an array of hate groups. Cities were being ravished even before a pandemic could be conveniently blamed on our elected chief executive.

So, the dream is gone. Sore losers? Certainly! The world knows the 2020 election was rigged. No matter how many times the lock-step press says “not a shred of evidence,” the cat is out of the bag. Thousands of extra printed ballots have been disclosed in multiple locations, and signature verification went by the wayside (plus some mysterious computer distortions). In short, we will NEVER know just how many citizen votes were cast for which candidate!

Now we (outside the smug, boasting clique who call chaos “progress”) must hunker down. We will continue to render unto Caesar as far as possible, we will continue to gather in temples as long as this is allowed (and other places when not).

Vote again? A real poser. Democrat means Socialist, but with so many Republicans jumping ship when it was clear that the fix was in (Nikki Haley and Tom Rice come to mind), what about them?

Here’s one home out in the boondocks: We don’t watch news on TV (even Fox and Drudge ran for cover), but we have found two services on the internet. We continue church participation, and we watch old classic movies. We fly Old Glory but keep the Confederate flag inside (to avoid a destructive peaceful protest).

And we have a Trumpy Bear to remind us of when Washington had a real man in town (and the most magnificent First Lady ever!).



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