ENOUGH! It’s time for some gumption

All of our lives matter, especially the lives of our defenseless unborn children; and, all of our history matters.

The War between the States was over a long time ago. It is time for all symbols of that war to be placed in museums; but, you can’t erase the history by pulling down statues and changing the names of buildings and towns. As within each family, you must take the good with the bad, and so it is with our history. We must take the good with the bad and learn from it.

There is a cry heard now among some protestors to defund the police. Are you crazy! Witness what has happened in Seattle , Washington, where the city’s mayor told the police to leave their precinct station and let that angry mob have it. Well, no police are allowed in that so-called autonomous zone, and there are shootings for which no one might be held accountable, because the police can’t get in.

If you’ve ever had to have a police office stand between you and danger (and I have), then you know how important good police officers are. However, there are some bad, really bad, police officers, and they need to go.

Thankfully, our own U.S. Sen. Tim Scott has worked on a bill to help make that so. ... I’m not advocating violence of any kind. The bad police officers and idiots just need to retire to an island all by themselves.

As the old folks used to say, it is time for us to have some gumption. I’ve had enough of all of this madness going on in our beloved country, and I would like to see us do something about it.

Wouldn’t it be great to see all Americans work peacefully together. Wouldn’t it be nice to see tens of thousands of people walking down the streets together, proudly holding American flags and singing the national anthem. So many people that we would drown out the voices of the agitators. Let us proclaim (not protest) that we are all in this together.

We cannot go back and change our past, but we can go forward and make a better future. May God bless America.



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