On Tuesday, June 23, in the runoff election, we will choose the person who probably will be our next mayor of Florence. The overwhelming right choice for that position is George Jebaily.

I have known George and his family for over 20 years and am a witness to his love for God, his love for family and his love for the city of Florence. George has the capability to calmly work to bring two sides together to reach an amicable and fair resolution for all parties.

I served on City Council from 2008 to 2012 and saw him work tirelessly as chairman of the Downtown Development Corporation to help make our downtown a better place. I commend him for his work.

George has earned my vote in this election. I support him because of his accomplishments, not just because. I know George has the interest of ALL of the citizens’ of Florence interests in mind when he votes or when he works on any city project. I know our city will be in the best hands possible under George Jebaily’s leadership.

If you voted in the Democratic primary or did not vote in any primary, please join me in voting for George Jebaily for mayor on Tuesday. He has earned the right to be mayor of our city.



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