We are political allies, and personal friends, in the Florence community. For many years, we served side by side on the Florence City Council as mayor and councilman, working every day to help Florence become the city we knew it could be.

To that end, we began the effort to redevelop downtown Florence, undertaking extensive planning and attacking jobs like cleaning up the old dump site. We moved forward with building a new water plant, big enough to serve not only Florence but also our neighbors.

And, when there was a problem with juvenile crime in our schools, we stepped forward to start the Mayor’s Coalition Against Juvenile Crime, a program that was later adopted by the League of Cities as a model for others.

We are proud of our accomplishments, and we are happy to have served.

But we write this letter not to recount our past but to share one fact. Whatever we may have accomplished over the years, it was only with the participation and contributions of many people. One of those was now-City Councilman George Jebaily. George was instrumental, as a private citizen, chairing a redevelopment committee as well as spearheading the creation and success of the Pecan Festival.

And the list goes on. George was, and is, a tireless contributor to the betterment of Florence. He is a good man with a good heart, and we say these things because we know them personally.

Although we are older now, we share the hope and the dream that the city of Florence will continue to prosper and grow. We pray each day that we survive not only the current pandemic but also the unrest among our fellow citizens with regard to old harms and current indignities.

And it is our fervent wish, and the reason we write this letter, that George Jebaily be elected the next mayor of Florence. We know, from personal experience, that he is the right person at the right time for this job.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you for all of those years, and thank you for considering our endorsement today of George Jebaily for mayor of the city of Florence.




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