Kathleen Parker isn’t what she used to be

For 25-plus years, (I used to) LOVE reading Kathleen Parker’s columns. She was bright and witty, and her sarcasm was intelligent, sharp and inspiring.

Sadly, now when I read her articles, no matter what the topic, they all begin with a sucker punch to the face. Rendering the reader hopeless, they are forced down into the column of doom, to land with a “kerplunk” into the predictable cesspool of despair.

No room anymore for a savoring chuckle, thoughtful thinking or discussion ... Kathleen has “tenure” and a Washington Post address, so she can weld her writer’s sword any way she wants. “Iron sharpens iron” has turned into slash and kill, no one is spared, end of discussion.

Sadly, her once engaging column is now just another social media sound bite (exception being she has to do it in 500 words or more).

Like the person who sees life as a glass of water, half full or half empty ... Kathleen has moved beyond the latter and completely drained the enjoyment of the reader’s cup. Leaving everyone that used to savor her thoughts, dry and parched like a dead fish washed up on a South Carolina beach.



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