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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let the virus run its course

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let the virus run its course

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Let the virus run its course

James Ward Letter

In my thinking, the government has overreacted on this virus from the very beginning. Like the Black Plague that killed millions of people around the world, this virus is going to do the same, I believe, if we keep this up and down, hide and peek, act we’ve been doing since it came out. The Black Plague ran its course and was never heard from again; ditto the Spanish Flu.

If the COVID virus is to be wiped out, it must be allowed to run its course, thus allowing human beings to build an immunity to it, like the Black Plague and the Spanish Flu. With COVID-19, we hide and shut down. After we think it’s safe, we come out and − surprise, surprise − there is a “spike” in the number of cases. So “they” lock us down and pull the masks out again. After a while, the curve begins to flatten (I wonder why?) and they let us out again.

And so it goes; on and on and on. Just when you think it’s all clear to come out and play, the government demands we wear masks 24/7 while in public. Soon, our mayor will see a decline in the spike for our area and we’ll be given the all-clear to put our masks away ... only to see a spike in cases, and here we go again.

We are being lied to by government about this virus. I believe the only way we get our way of life back is to ignore the thing and let it run its course. It’s the only way! I am 81, and I understand that I am in the group that will die from the virus if we let it run its course. However, I’ve got the sense to know there is no other way to rid the earth of this scourge called COVID-19 once and for all!

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