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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Listen to your doctor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Listen to your doctor

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Listen to your doctor

This is to all of the unvaccinated people out there who either refuse to get vaccinated or are hesitant to do so. Here are some facts that you need to take seriously:

The states with the highest percentages of unvaccinated people are precisely the states with the highest amounts of cases of COVID.

The overwhelming majority of people who are hospitalized because of COVID-19 are not vaccinated.

More than 98% of the people who die of COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated.

A new CDC study found that unvaccinated people were nearly five times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 than vaccinated people.

And then there is this from a moral perspective: Yes, you have a right not to get vaccinated, but you do not have the right to infect other people. Think about that.

And finally there is this: Don’t fool yourself. If you continue to refuse to get vaccinated, sooner or later, inevitably, given enough time, the virus will find you, and then you will wish (fervently) that you had gotten vaccinated. You can count on that.

Seek out the facts. Don’t depend on CNN or Fox News or Facebook or other social media sites for your virus information. Listen to your doctor and follow his/her advice. Consider what reputable and established medical and health organizations and institutions say. And act accordingly. Leave politics out of this, and do the right thing from a MEDICAL point of view.




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