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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look at the history of the Democratic Party

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look at the history of the Democratic Party

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Look at the history of the Democratic Party

I have been racking my brain the last few weeks trying to figure out why the Democratic Party and their far-left followers have been so adamant about removing all emblems of the Confederacy. The only conclusion I have been able to come up with is they want to hide the history of the Democratic Party and its role in so many terrible policies created by them.

In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that the U.S. Constitution was not meant to include American citizenship for black people regardless of being enslaved or freed, therefore the rights and privileges afforded in the constitution did not apply to them. The interesting part to me is that the seven members who voted against Dred Scott were all Democrats. The two who voted in favor of Dred Scott were Whigs/Republicans.

Most reasonable people would know that the Republican Party was the party of abolitionists, which was formed to abolish slavery. Why is Antifa destroying statues of true abolitionists? Why are they destroying a part of their heritage? Why is Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, removing portraits of her party’s historic figures? Is she that embarrassed of her heritage? Perhaps she should resign her position immediately and ask all Democrats to do the same. This could be noted as a footnote in history, no matter how dark it seems.

In recent years there has been history erased in many countries: China, Russia, Afghanistan, just to name a few. Is this what the American people want? I do not believe hiding or erasing the history of countries is a good thing. We all learn from our mistakes, and that makes us a better country.

The recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis was disgusting, and I have not met anyone who believes any different, but rioting and looting in the neighborhood where so many minorities and minority-owned business are does nothing to bring Floyd back. The mayor of Minneapolis and the governor of Minnesota should be ashamed of themselves for letting the situation getting so out of control. The residents and business owners had nothing to do with a rogue cop, yet they are the ones who received the brunt of the hate from the left. Does this make sense to anyone?



Who’s next?

We watch the buildings and automobiles burn amid the whoopty-doo, and the network voice gushes over how “mostly peaceful” these protests are.

But look at some of the collateral damage!

O, the statues! The very few Confederate monuments that remain are being hunted down, along with those of select individuals who didn’t protest enough during that century. When that carnage failed to appease parts of the current unholy alliance, other targets became convenient. Owners and former owners of sports franchises were targeted. Christopher Columbus hatred was revived. Then they struck George Washington and even (gasp) Abraham Lincoln. And even Old Glory!

On the periphery, we’ve lost Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, and there is talk of amending Rice Krispies. And the search goes on. (Maybe The Lone Ranger?)

Sadly, this “movement” has caught the fancy of ever-so-many otherwise mature citizens who simply want to get on the bandwagon (or at least to avoid the intimidation the comes from being outside this juvenile craze). Sports figures somehow now see “kneeling” not as the unpatriotic act that it clearly is, and some are even calling for the anthem to be discontinued at sports events. (And obviously, some judges on the Supreme Court have caught this fever.) (And notice the rebuke of our vice president, who insists on saying, “All lives matter.”)

Perhaps the saddest aspect of this whole scene is that all too many people see this exercise as “love,” “equality,” and “justice,” as we see hate personified in every step of this “noble movement.”

We (all of us) have need to be frightened. The crowd, seeing blood in the water, simply must find new targets for their righteous indignation. Recently they struck Ulysses Grant for undisclosed reasons, then went after Francis Scott Key (after all, he wrote the words to the anthem), and Father Junipero.

So, with the appetite unappeased, who will they go after next?

Mr. Orwell (in “1984”) warned us: “Big Brother is watching you!”

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