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I just finished reading the Morning News for 9/11/2020; what a disappointment!

Not one word about the Terrorism on American soil and the killing of Americans on 9/11/2001. How could the Morning News forget what happened on this day 19 years ago?

The country came together after this attack on our way of life. These terrorists were identified and eliminated to a degree.

The division of Americans now saddens my heart. The socialist Democrats did not want to accept the election of our president. The political Democrat machine has done everything to disrupt his presidency. I have never seen such division of Americans like this before.

The hate the liberal media continues to spew is horrific. What really made me want to write my opinion letter is how the paper is losing touch in the way they report the news. I feel it's not based on facts. It's based on their opinions (shame on you).

I think your editors are not being truthful in reporting facts and hearsay from anonymous sources. What is really bad is how you allow Clarence Page to write his opinion on anonymous sources, then on your letter policy statement you say no letters would be printed if they were anonymous. Come on, man!

To make it right, report the facts and only the facts (not your opinion; we don't want to hear your opinion). Please don't keep buying into the hate of people against Americans. Report TRUE news on both the liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans



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