In response to Tim Bokelman’s letter to the editor that was published Thursday in the Morning News, I, too, am very disturbed about the mowing of trash along Ebenezer and Hoffmeyer roads. In fact, I posted pics on Facebook of this disgraceful sight, because I was so upset to see this in the community in which I live.

My post simply posed this question: “Am I the only one who cares about this?” People do care, but like many, they feel helpless in doing something about it.

This mowing of grass/trash extended to Sumter, Pisgah, Stokes and Dunbarton streets. I was unfortunate to be driving directly behind the mower on Ebenezer. The grass/trash cuttings were so thick, it obstructed the road. There were even cuttings from bushes that had grown on the roadsides. I found myself having to slow down to drive through the debris in the road.

I blame not only the litterbugs but county officials for allowing mowing without trash removal first. I must take responsibility also for not being a strong advocate in our local government to demand some changes/solutions.

Mr. Bokelman, I, too, will join you to pick up trash before scheduled mowing. I believe the “Adopt a Highway” efforts have fizzled since the state no longer has a Lou Holtz to remind us of the litter problem.

I will never forget his comment about the trash along South Carolina roadways: “They must have the cleanest cars in the country, because all the trash is on the outside.”

By the way, the grass is getting high again along Hoffmeyer. There is new trash to be mowed.



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