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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mr. Anderson can’t have it both ways

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mr. Anderson can’t have it both ways

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So Thom Anderson does not like the filibuster used in the Senate. Was he saying the same thing back in the late 50’s and early 60’s when our Senator, Strom Thurmond, used it? He also does not like the gerrymandering used to load the Congress one way or the other. At least he was right in saying it is used in both parties. What does he think about the Electoral College, where large population states elect our president?

In a way I agree with Mr. Anderson. Filibustering and gerrymandering have been used too much in some cases. However, it has proven to be useful in allowing politicians to think about their votes on bills. We didn’t have this when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed Obamacare through without reading, much less understanding, what they passed.

As far as background checks on purchasing firearms, Mr. Anderson, it is the law that one must pass a background check before purchasing any firearms. We even have some cities with strict laws banning handguns. Have you looked at the crime rate in Chicago, New York and Washington, DC? Hand guns are banned in all of these cities, but the murder rate is astronomical. Background checks don’t do a bit of good if you are obtaining illegal weapons. Many Democrats admitted that a background check would not have done anything for Newtown. Before passing new laws, shouldn’t we be enforcing laws already on the books?

Our founding fathers actually had it right; it is too bad that so many liberals want to say our Constitution is a living, ever changing document.

Larry Donaldson


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