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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Setting the election record straight

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Setting the election record straight


I have read over the past few years, with some amusement, Roy Haymond’s conspiracy theories and misrepresentation in his letters to the editor. His most recent letter, however, contains disinformation, which if read as truth, presents a danger to our democratic (small d) institutions. I have voted in every Presidential election since 1960. I have never seen such juvenile responses to an election as those of this president and Congressional Republicans. Their disinformation and blatant lies need to be reputed by facts.

Fact: Reporters from the New York Times called the top election officials in every state to check allegations of voter fraud. Of these, 45 responded that there was no evidence of any major voting fraud. In four of the remaining states, state officials indicated no major voting issues. Texas did not respond, but its largest county reported few minor issues and “a very seamless election.”

Fact: Last week in a court case about access to vote count in Pennsylvania, Trump’s lawyer, asked by the judge if he was alleging fraud in connection with 592 ballots, responded, “To my knowledge, at present, no.” Asked if he was claiming undue or improper influence upon the elector, he responded, “To my knowledge, at present, no.”

In another Pennsylvania case, when asked about observers being barred from the vote count room, a lawyer responded “a non-zero number” of people observed.” (Pause for laughter!) The judge then said, “I’m asking you, as a member of the bar of this court, are people representing the plaintiff in the room?” Response: “Yes.”

Fact: In Wisconsin, where it was alleged that more votes were cast than registered voters in the state:

• Votes cast: 3,239,920.

• Disinformation: Alleged number of registered voters: 3,129,000.

• Actual updated number of registered voters in state: 3,684,726.

Fact: Trumps’ lawsuits are being summarily dismissed! Judges are not impressed by the lack of evidence in these cases.

• 19 cases of voter fraud alleged.

• 12 cases dismissed.

• 5 cases active.

As Justin Levitt, professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles said, “A lawsuit without provable facts showing a statutory or constitutional violation is just a tweet with a filing fee.”

Fact: Joe Biden has won this election by over 5,000,000 popular votes. He is ahead of Trump in the 6 states where Trump alleges voter fraud.

• Arizona, +12,813.

• Georgia, +14,149.

• Wisconsin, +20,539.

• Nevada, +30,726.

• Pennsylvania, +45,616.

• Michigan, +148,645.

There is no fraud or hoax here. It is the delusional thinking of misinformed people that keeps these fabrications going. For those of you who listen only to Fox News, remember that Sean Hannity, when taken to court recently for propagating misinformation, told the judge that it isn’t the news business he’s in, it’s the entertainment business.

All of the many instances of disinformation being promoted on social media by Trump supporters can be fact-checked by a bit of searching on the internet. Good journalism demands that what is reported be factual; perhaps the Morning News should make that demand for letters to the editor as well.



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