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Two complementary bromides: "The cat is out of the bag" and "You can't put toothpaste back into the tube." And from the prize-fight circuit we get, “The fix is in.”

By now, the world knows that this election is being stolen. In one state, more ballots were cast than the entire pool of registered voters. Republican poll watchers were denied access to voting sites in Philadelphia. Dead people and nonresidents voted in Arizona. And in one outrageous case, a trove of 100,000 votes miraculously appeared during a pause in counting, all voting for the same candidate.

And since some clear evidence has been unearthed, the world also knows that the former vice president used his influence to enrich his family in Ukraine and China.

The major media, social (Facebook, Twitter) and otherwise (CNN, PBS) will fluff off what is very plain to any thinking individual, here and abroad (”absolutely no evidence”). Yes, the world is all too aware that the “fix is in.”

And the most horrible aspect of this tragedy is that the fix will probably succeed, and then be celebrated as a legitimate triumph and even glorified by the sanctimonious as an act of divine intervention.

America was great, and great strides were made in the last four years to expand its greatness.

Beyond the obvious, there is clearly an underlying theme: The man came to town to drain the swamp. But all too many in both political parties relished the goodies they got from that very swamp. Both the smug, sarcastic elite and the bitter entitled classes prefer the swamp, with some even taking steps toward insurrection (destructive “peaceful” protests!).

If this perfidy is accomplished, there will be no winners. Few, if any, of the rioters will be prosecuted, and they may be bought off for a time, before finding another “just cause.” And since the vote-manipulators won’t be prosecuted, they will be in charge of future elections, if there are any. And the various factions involved in the hoax will surely turn on each other.

The biggest losers will be those who pray for guidance while revering the flag and the Constitution, those who formed the backbone of the American Dream, which these malcontents chose to make a nightmare, and of course, Red Necks and Deplorables who flocked by the thousands to Trump rallies!

Oh, yes, the fix is in. Half of the population will live in gloating denial, but the other half knows cheating when they see it.



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