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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The problems with mail-in voting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The problems with mail-in voting


Andy Brack, in a column printed in multiple newspapers, called President Donald Trump the “Con Man in Chief.” Brack also stated that Trump is unpatriotic because he “has been denigrating the U.S. Postal Service.” If complaining about a government agency or program is unpatriotic, I plead guilty.

Brack gleefully pointed out that while Trump voted by absentee ballot, he is against universal mail-in voting. Absentee voting has been available in most or all states for several years, and it is designed for people like Trump who for various reasons cannot vote in person. Think of the cost and disruption that would arise for Trump to run down to his local precinct to vote.

On the other hand, universal mail-in voting is a longstanding Democrat objective. The Democrats would like to mail out a ballot to everyone, dead or alive, felon or not, citizen or not. This process opens up several new potential schemes to affect the outcome of an election. Suppose several mail carriers decided to not turn in ballots from some zip codes. Other schemes come to mind. One has to be very naïve to believe that voter fraud has not happened in the past.

Back cites Lynn Teague of the League of Women Voters as saying that the current system “has occasional hiccups, but on the whole, our election processes are tried and true.” In the past few months, we have seen some of these hiccups. It could be months before an election is decided, and the winner on election night could change. Remember Al Franken?

Universal mail-in voting may be a good idea, but it needs to have a lot of thought before it’s adapted.



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