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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is some work to be done

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There is some work to be done

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There is some work to be done

Who wins when the day is done? Who wins when the battle is won? Who wins oh Lord, who wins? Life is a constant battle you see. It affects you and it affects me. We think everyone is wrong. No one is right. So, we have a constant battle, remaining in an endless fight. Everyone is yelling, but no one is listening. So, what do we do Lord? How do we handle the suffering?

I lift my head to the sky, and I see the beauty that was created by Your hands. I look around and see this image You call man. Both and all created by You God. Can we see or can we hear You in the word? It seems everything is falling on deaf ears. As I write this letter my eyes are full of tears. Oh God are your eyes like mine? Are they flooded with the stinging saltiness of crocodile tears? Help us oh God. Help us to draw near. The days go by and the situations are worse. I pray for Your divine healing before this powder keg bursts. Your word is life and it is truth, so I leave it up to You Lord, only to You.

Your wrath is powerful and so great. Man has not learned that You will not wait. When the hour comes no one knows. So, Lord what will happen to the hateful and slothful souls? It is our heart that You see. So, no matter what happens your judgment will destroy or set the captive free. Will you come today or tomorrow will it be? All I know is I have given you all of me!

On this journey we call life, we need to follow in the word of God. From the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20); to loving one another (John 13:34-35) and seeking God to heal our land (II Chronicles 7:14). There is some work to be done. We have today, this moment, this opportunity. Will you let it slip by?



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