Things we should know about COVID-19

All evidence I have seen or heard says COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, at a government-run medical laboratory. Was it really released by accident or is it actually biological warfare? Remember, they withheld critical information for quite a long time.

Was the virus engineered by the lab or naturally occurring?

Are hospitals, doctors, coroners, DHEC and CDC being completely candid about reported cases and deaths?

Is there a monetary or other incentive for the above groups to diagnose COVID-19 even if it is not the actual cause of illness or death?

What is the accuracy of the virus test?

Shouldn’t the number of people tested per day be included in the daily statistics? How about giving percentages of population affected by the virus?

Are people who test positive but never have symptoms still counted in the statistics?

Are people who die of other causes such as seasonal flu, pneumonia or car wrecks ever said to have died from COVID-19 on their death certificate? Car wreck is not a joke.

Will this pandemic mysteriously cool down on Nov. 4, 2020?



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