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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time to move on and take care of business

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time to move on and take care of business

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It is with a happy heart that I see the political process in the “United States of America“ continues to work ... well, sort of!

The voting is done! The elections are over! The people have spoken!

I might not be happy with all of the returns. I, like many of you, feel/wish things would have gone more smoothly. I, like many of you, wish all people on both sides of the political fence would honor what they say they believe in and stand for as they yell, scream and refuse to accept the final counts.

As a Republican — although many of my comrades dispute this, as I oppose many of the unethical, hateful, disgusting, vile things many are taking part in across the country at this time — I hope we will accept “the will of the people” and move on to take care of the business staring the American people in the face and kicking us in the behind!

I am hoping our new local, state and national elected officials will honor our Constitution and get their job done and stop playing disgusting games and practice honest, ethical procedures in doing so.

I know the above is asking a lot. I know the above will be looked at by many as surrendering and giving in. I know I will be called every name in the book ... well, except a Republican.

Well, that is OK. By doing so, they are also telling us who/what they are.

Oh, one last challenge!

All of you who just got elected/re-elected ... show all of us who you really are and that you truly represent the people ... all of the people.



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