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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We must never forget

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We must never forget

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Like most husbands, I sometimes had a problem with remembering my wife's birthday. This particular year, I remembered.

Being a service engineer and it was a Tuesday, my job required me to go to Plymouth, North Carolina. I got up at 4 a.m. to be on the road by 5. I was a little early leaving, so I planned to be there a little after 8 and finish my work in a few hours and get back to Florence in plenty of time to take my wife to dinner for her birthday.

She had told me the evening before that her best friend was coming over to take her to lunch. I arrived in Plymouth on time. As I carried my equipment in to the control room, I noticed everyone watching a TV.

After I greeted everyone, they said did you see what just happened? A plane just flew in to the World Trade Center. I immediately thought a private plane must have done that, as it has happened before to the Empire State building. But I looked in disbelief as I saw that huge gaping hole and the fire raging.

As we watched, to our horror another plane went into the other World Trade Center building. We then knew this was no accident.

We were mesmerized as we were informed of the Pentagon plane and the one in Pennsylvania on which the passengers sacrificed themselves to save others. Needless to say, I was very late leaving.

I called my wife when I got back on the road to inform her of my arrival time, and she was crying, as nothing had gone right all day. No lunch, and we canceled dinner until a better day.

Needless to say I never had a problem remembering her birthday anymore. Though we are not married anymore (she traded me in for a newer model), I still text her on her birthday.

We must never forget that day and be diligent so as to not let it happen again.




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