One Clear Voice

"Rioters are seditionists, not protesters"

What a welcomed blast on the Opinion Page (7/28) from the venerable Cal Thomas; what a refreshing touch of honesty in the morass of drivel we???ve been getting.

For on the previous day we got a treatment by Kathleen Parker, who still maintains that all this chaos is a ???movement???, one that has a message of ???social justice???, while Clarence Page is all over his usual map.

It could be that these two great thinkers are getting their ???facts??? from The Associated Press and several other services who continue to hype the ???mostly peaceful??? smokescreen.

Fortunately, there are other sources of information available out in the boon docks. Through certain services we???ve seen actual pictures of the massive mayhem in target cities, And the reports of injured or killed citizens and, [especially) law enforcement personnel ??Images of arson, assault and hateful vandalism have been captured, and there are even shots of a big-city mayor marching with the rioters (images that mostly escape AP, and ABC)

A couple of items we may not catch in the corrupted media:

*California congressman Nadler (of Impeachment fame) calls reports of the continuing Portland chaos a ???myth???. (Even as a stash of explosives was uncovered)

*SC Congressman James Clyburn decries the use of federal agents (he calls them ???Stormtroopers???) preforming the needed tasks that local forces are unable (or unwilling) to do: ??????nobody asked them to,,:???. (How does he know this?)

What we remark on here is a deluge of ???news??? making heroes of the unholy alliance that has turned its back on America, and snippets from two elected leaders who chose to look the other way.

And gratitude for the articulate voice of Cal Thomas, who gets to the heart of the matter, rather than making brownie points with the madding crowd.




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