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Wake up, America!
Letter to the editor

Wake up, America!

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Wake up, America!

Is it a nightmare that will dissolve into the air with the rising of the sun?

The words continue to haunt me: “subversive” and “genocide.” My Webster Dictionary defines “subversive” as an attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by “people” working secretly from within to obliterate, make obsolete or destroy! Such a terrifying definition.

Engaging in the act of subversiveness can be demonstrated through riotous acts, seditious and treasonous attempts. This may begin to occur with the “movement” of indoctrination. For example, authoritative individuals might order actions that are not actually the law but more their own (or group) opinion. In the case of America, it would be actions that violate our Constitution, and these individuals ignore, disregarding the Constitution because they feel no sense of loyalty to it. Through group think, weaker individuals join, often unaware, or in denial, of their own submission to these unlawful justifications.

My Webster Dictionary defines “genocide” as the deliberate killing or destruction of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group. Further investigation denotes that the actual “killing” does not need to take place … but merely the suppression to the point of instilling widespread fear and abolishing any sense of integrity, loyalty and authority for existence within a group of people.

Another action would be deliberate – exorbitant, uncontrolled migration (for example, unmanaged open borders) and infiltration of foreign cultures to the extent of overpopulating the established cultures of the land. This, in turn, can lead to a form of genocide through not only disallowing certain behaviors but literally annihilating the established culture.

But wait, have we not learned from the Nazis and World War II? Or the experience of 9/11 and the first major terrorists’ attack on our soil? And even more recent, the genocide attacks by the Chinese Communist Party on the Uyghurs in the northwest region of China? The horrors of these events should never be forgotten or suppressed from our consciousness.

I sense a nature of subversive genocide storming through the heredity of my ancestors and pouncing upon each generation like a lion hungry for a last meal. New vocabulary terms emerge that form for the purpose of aiming a sharp, pointed arrow at the bull’s-eye of a target of hatred, at innocent victims. Tearing down historic statues, banning books, censoring adverse media, promoting “new” ideas and movements that really are not new.

Humane passion remains hidden behind closed doors where terrified people secure their locks day and night and covet their lives in solitude. But that is not a society at work.

They are allowing the trespassing, and even substantial invasion of authority. Their submersion is drowning their awareness to reality. They are asleep like Snow White, drugged not by a poison apple but by another form of poison – the falsehoods and/or diversion of media and hypocritical power-hungry leaders intent on keeping them in slumber.

Wake up America. Come out of your cocoons and commit to Rescuing Your Country.




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