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The month of February has been set aside as a month for several observances. We celebrate the Super Bowl, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day and African American/Black History. While the first three are generally one-day observances, Black History is to be celebrated for the entire month.

People of color communities have long suffered from a legacy of pollution, poverty and a lack of equity. This has and continues to happen because most polluting facilities are sited disproportionately in black and other people of color communities.

FLORENCE, S.C. — It is difficult for passersby to know if Wilson High School is holding class or not. The parking lots, normally filled with the cars of students, teachers, administrators and other faculty members, are mostly empty. The halls are most likely mostly quiet and the classrooms most likely nowhere near full. Recent data provided by Florence One Schools indicates that 390 students, 31.33% of the enrolled student body, are attending on alternating days. The remainder,  855, or 68.67%, are attending virtually. 

Labeling another person has become a popular political pastime. The intent is to use a label that is impossible to disprove no matter the amount of contrary evidence.


EFFINGHAM, S.C. — Angelica C. Gary’s artwork was selected by first lady Melania Trump for the Building the Movement Art Exhibit in honor of the women’s suffrage movement and the Ratification of the 19th Amendment.

For some of us, we have not seen the magnitude of multicultural participation in the protest marches for justice and other important matters since the March on Washington, Aug. 28, 1963.

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TRUMP: “What we’re announcing today is a tremendous tribute to equality. We’re bringing our jobs back.” — remarks Friday to reporters.

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