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TikTok creator @thehouseofsequins might have found the coolest trash bin ever. It’s battery operated and can hold charge for up to a month. The sensor feature opens the lid when you stand over it—but the coolest feature is the ability to self-seal trash bags, so you never have to touch a dirty bag again.

TikTok user @sideofsequins shows you how to fit nine days of outfits and a few changes of shoes into a tiny suitcase using compression bags. To avoid wrinkles, you’ll also want to pack a compact travel steamer.

Organization expert @jessicahaizman has a tip to keep your ID, passport, and phone within reach at the airport: wear a fanny pack. It might not be the coolest look, but you’ll never need to dig through your bag to find what you need again.

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You can find soft treats in many sizes, from petite 3-ounce bags to giant 2-pound tubs.

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If you have toddlers who love art projects but always leave a huge mess behind, try this super smart #momtip from @celenakinsey. Your kids can dye Easter eggs without the mess (but with all the fun) by using a bag of rice, a few drops of food coloring, and a Ziploc bag.

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We’re fans of the versatility offered by this toss game that features two boards with three holes in each, along with a collection of bean bags and rings. The boards offer some scoring suggestions, but where you set it up and how you decide to determine the winner are up to you. Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon

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Worst: Mila Kunis, husband Ashton Kutcher and apparent house guest Shaggy star in a domestic drama over the question of who keeps taking Kutcher’s bags of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. He wants to blame his wife, who is guilty, but Shaggy tells her to employ his hit song and say, “It Wasn’t Me.” Warning: Kutcher sings some of the lyrics, while Shaggy takes an extended solo that steals time from setting up the supposed comedy of a cute couple’s minor squabbling. Meh. I’m going back instead to watch last year’s winning look at the perils of powdery Cheetos fingers.

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A bag of M&M's is the perfect apology for mansplaining, calling someone a “Karen," having a gender reveal party accident and other contemporary faux pas. Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” apologizes to the M&M anthropomorphic characters that are Super Bowl mainstays and says he promises not to “eat any more of their friends."

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