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FRIDAY, Jan. 27, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Natural gas stoves have become the latest flashpoint in America’s increasingly volatile political culture, after a top federal regulator publicly mulled over banning the appliances.

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If you're planning to write a memoir any time soon, you might want to contact a documentary filmmaker first. Following in the narrative-seizing steps of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who chased the Netflix documentary series "Harry & Meghan" with Harry's memoir "Spare," Pamela Anderson has scheduled a simultaneous release of her book, "Love, Pamela" and a Netflix doc, "Pamela, A Love Story." ...

The January-February 2023 issue of South Carolina Wildlife magazine ran my story on Edgefield County’s Curryton Magnolia. The old tree’s close to being a state record magnolia but a magnolia with more state record potential lives at Hampton Plantation in McClellanville. Of course. The name Hampton and big trees go together. They bring Harry Hampton to mind, a man known for his passion for natural resources and trees, big trees. He’s considered the father of our national park, Congaree.

Transgender people are considered outcasts by many in Pakistan, despite some progress with a law protecting their rights and court rulings that allow them to choose a gender that is neither male nor female. But the struggle for acceptance and inclusion is harder for Pakistan’s trans men.

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If you're setting up an Insta-worthy indoor jungle of houseplants, AP gardening columnist Jessica Damiano would like a word. She warns that toxic houseplants shouldn't be put where little kids can reach them. Experts say most accidental exposures happen to toddlers and aren’t serious. But in some cases plants can have an irritating effect on the skin, eyes, or even breathing. Research your houseplants on a reputable website such as a poison control center to find out their properties. Of course, not all houseplants are toxic. Some that are include Diffenbachia, Caladium, flamingo flower, Monstera, peace lily, philodendron, pothos, amaryllis and daffodil.

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