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Go to any women's clothing store and you'll notice: Floral prints are having a moment right now. Shirts and skirts and dresses - and even men's clothing - are festooned with flowers, in prints that are a throwback to the 60s or 90s. In the words of "The Devil Wears Prada's" icy editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

When bright orange daylily blossoms start to open along country roads in summer, it's a beautiful and welcome sight. It always seems like a midpoint between the hurry-up planting of crops in spring and the harvest-rich enjoyment of summer and fall, along with the planting of cool-weather crops.

Now that the season for most of the acorns to have stopped falling has passed, you would think I had stopped gathering them. That is true only if I find a bed where several have rolled together, and I have a bag convenient to put them in.

I stopped to stare at some buckets of flowers at a farmers' market last Sunday. The white flowers, their throats speckled purple and yellow and grouped together on stalks like a candelabra, looked almost like orchids. But there's no orchid that showy that could be harvested in such quantities in a cold-winter climate.

LAKE CITY, S.C. - Back in April we said April showers will bring May flowers. I can see them blooming all around and my rambling rose vines are loaded with dozens of fresh blooms and many buds all up one side of my porch. Great to sit out there an smell the roses.

HEMINGWAY – Nell Morris of Hemingway would have been in her element had she attended the Manning Council of Garden Clubs' recent Camelia Tea where there were literally thousands of camellias used throughout the decorations in the Breeden Meeting Room at the Manning Library, where the event was held.

For the past few weeks, dainty pink or white butterflies have been hovering above the bare soil in some of my clay flowerpots. They're not really butterflies, actually: They are cyclamen blossoms held aloft on thin flower stalks.

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