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CLAIM: There is no coin shortage. Coins get recirculated, they don’t just disappear. The government is trying to usher in a cashless society.

Mankind has long loved, honored and highly valued gold, partly because of its attractive yellow color but also because of its durability and indestructability coupled with its amazing malleability (it can be beaten into very thin sheets or stretched into small fibers).

In the late 1980s, William Morton-Smith, a Santa Barbara, California-based doctor, was rummaging through a garage that contained some of his deceased parents’ belongings. He opened the drawer of an old desk, and “there was a bunch of loose coins,” says Morton-Smith’s son, Tim.

For two decades, the commander in chief has doled out distinguished-looking coins as personal mementos. Now, the presidential "challenge coin" has undergone a Trumpian transformation.

 Jim Bertram: Good morning, pastor.

Pastor Gallo: Good morning, Jim. I'm sorry if I seem a little distracted today. I've recently come across a math problem that I just can't seem to solve, and it won't stop nagging at the back of my mind.

Over the past few weeks and days, I have been thinking about the word “trust” and what it means for our nation and for me.

FLORENCE, S.C. – One of the segments First Reliance Bank targets to grow the bank is Millennials (young adults). Millennials LOVE tech games! So First Reliance thought they’d try a little marketing to this younger age group by making the Main Branch, Florence, S.C., a PokeStop.

LONDON — The palace is releasing special pictures, the Royal Mint is striking a commemorative coin and newspapers are publishing glowing tributes.

LOS ANGELES — Word last week that a Northern California couple found $10 million in gold coins while walking their dog has set off a Gold Rush of theories over who left behind all that loot.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — In Iran, free condoms and government-backed vasectomies are out, replaced by sermons praising larger families and discussions of even offering gold coins to the families of newborns.

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