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On Easter morning, my husband was released from a nine-day hospital stay. During those nine days, I found strength I didn't know I had.

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Friday is National Talk in an Elevator Day, one of those inane holidays that exists solely to be exploited by uninspired features writers who gotta bring you a never-ending deluge of that sweet, sweet content.

Page 6A of the May 3 edition of the Morning News contained an AP article "EPA asks what rules to cut, gets earful about dirty water." Most people who care about the environment want to preserve clean water and air; these resources are essential for our survival. There are many EPA rules that promote just the opposite. I will give an example.

FLORENCE, S.C. – Perhaps the most notable facet of Otis Elevator’s Florence facility is the 150-foot eco-friendly test tower that can be seen from U.S. 52 and Interstate 95. It is used to develop and test the company’s latest innovations.

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Have you ever embarrassed yourself so badly that you wanted to cover your face? Better still, get lost in the crowd so no one could identify you? Even better, where you actually wished the ground or floor or whatever you were standing on would open up and swallow you alive? I have on occasion and it doesn't get much better with age.

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Walking past the elevator and taking the stairs instead could be a life-saver.

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