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I received an email last week that included a brief message that I’ve been ruminating on ever since. It was from an acquaintance of mine, Bishop James Wong, who is the Anglican archbishop of the Indian Ocean. Let me share part of it with you.

No one will ever confuse me for a liberal, but thank goodness for MeTv! I used to spend time watching the back and forth on the cable news channels and getting angry at the lunacy we have come to in America. If you watch Fox, you get the conservative view. If you watch MSNBC or CNN, you get the liberal slant. There is very little true journalism anymore.

Thank goodness most of the fall greens are planted in South Carolina, and even the more cold-hardy crops like kale and spinach are growing well or as Forrest Gump would say “hauling buttocks.”

The oppressive heat of summer has finally fallen to “fall.” Thank goodness it has cooled down just a little. With rain totals fluctuating from extremely wet to extremely dry, this has been a trying summer.

DARLINGTON, S.C. -- Raven was brought to the shelter on the Fourth of July, and goodness is she a firecracker of sweetness. This little lady has the cutest frowny face, but when she smiles, she puts her whole face into it.

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