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Writer Brian K. Vaughan’s collaboration with Pia Guerra hews most closely to “Sweet Tooth,” set after a mysterious pandemic that has destroyed males in every species. The series follows the two last males alive, a boy and his pet monkey, as they try and find out what happened and whether humanity can survive without men. Dig in now before watching the TV adaptation starring Diane Lane, Amber Tamblyn and Ben Schnetzer.

MARION, S.C. – A 17-year old male was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, following a drive-by shooting on the 700 block of Gibson St. in Marion Monday night.

LATTA, S.C. – CareSouth Carolina’s Daniel Myers was presented the Male of the Year Award by the Save Our Youth Movement at the organization’s Scholarship Gala.

I read today of yet another example of the decline of common sense and decency, and the rise of the PC police state. The “so-called” equality act was co-sponsored by every Democrat in the U.S. House except one. This “act” is another step down the abyss to the end of our culture and our country as we know it.

What would scare or frighten you the most if you were a female using a public bathroom: a male dressed as a female, or a female dressed as a male? I believe I would be more concerned if I saw a person dressed as a male entering the bathroom I had planned on using.

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