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Family and friends gathering, delicious food, cozy sweaters, sappy memories- oh, the joyous holiday season is here! With a few weeks away, the end-of-the-year festivities rounds out 2021.

Each year the American Cancer Society raises awareness about the dangers of smoking and other nicotine use and promotes quitting with the Great American Smokeout on the third Thursday in November. This makes November a great time to pay closer attention to the effect tobacco products have on our lives.

The ear produces earwax to protect the ear canal from dust, water, infection and other foreign particles. While it can be bothersome, earwax is a natural part of ear heath. Typically, excess earwax moves out of the ears on its own.

Throughout life, women are at risk of developing mental health concerns directly related to hormonal changes in their bodies.

When it comes to suffering a possibly fatal heart arrhythmia, a jetliner 30 minutes out of Las Vegas en route to Charlotte might not be the best location, but to have an emergency room physician sitting one row back and a retired nurse a couple of rows forward improves the odds.

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