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In an era of political correctness, virtue signaling and woke-ness, wisdom is in such short supply that when discovered it stands out like a beacon in a storm.

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The US House of Representatives is gearing up for a final vote on President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan in an effort to send i…

I wasn’t going to write a second column on the passing of Rush Limbaugh, but given the reaction from hostile and snarky individuals – even from a few self-styled conservatives – explaining his influence is key to understanding him and more importantly the movement for which he was such a powerful spokesman.


Halloween, like so much else, will be different this year from previous years, but it also offers an analogy that can be applied to the current presidential campaign.

The mainstream media and the progressive left have created a completely false narrative regarding the disrespect of the national anthem and the American flag as a protest against police killings of black victims and have painted the entire law enforcement community as purveyors of systemic racism.

The progressive mob that disrupted Charles Murray's appearance last week at Middlebury College was protesting a 1994 book read by few if any of the protesters. Some of them denounced "eugenics," thereby demonstrating an interesting ignorance: Eugenics -- controlled breeding to improve the heritable traits of human beings -- was a progressive cause.

WASHINGTON – The Republican Party resembles the man who told his psychiatrist, "I have an identity problem, and so do I." The party's leader is at best indifferent to, and often is hostile to, much of the party's recent catechism: limited government, the rule of law, a restrained executive, fiscal probity, entitlement reforms, free trade, the general efficiency and equity of markets allocating wealth and opportunity, and – this matters especially – the importance of decorousness in political discourse.

It has been brought to my attention that Darlington’s newly installed mayor, Gloria Hines, recently sent a letter to our Municipal Court judge, Dan Causey, stating that his services would no longer be required after June 30, 2016.

For nearly eight years, Americans have experienced a rogue administration pushing the agenda of deep-pocketed activists by “decreeing” and enforcing destructive policies that cater to minuscule parts of the total population and which leave families wondering how to react to increasing moral decay.

This is in response to Eugene Robinson's column on assault weapons (June 14, 2016). How little people in America know about assault weapons. An assault weapon is anything used to harm someone else--baseball bats, knives, guns, airplanes, rocks AND Bill Clinton! He assaulted women!

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